iRobot Create, projects and (more) photos…

Tom just sent over his review of the new iRobot Create, complete with tons of photos and projects, he writes – “iRobot, a pioneering robot company that has sold millions of iRobot Roomba vacuuming robots, has introduced a remarkable robot platform that fills a major gap. The iRobot Create is... Read more »

Armchair cruisers

Dan makes and sells “armchair cruisers” – features include: Digital Drive systems, Gel cell battery options, Premium Sound Systems, Diamond plate loading docks, “bling kits”, Light packages, Cooler/Storage options, recessed control modules, Theme models, Re-skinnable frames, Guage packages, Security systems, Replaceable drop skirts, Non marking tire options, Flat Free tire... Read more »

Modded espresso machine

MAKE Flickr photo pool member little_green modded an expresso maker… with a plasma torch, nice work! – Link. Related: Rancilio Silvia “PID PIC NES” mod – NES controlled espresso machine – Link. HOW TO – Mod your espresso machine – Link. Homemade and seriously modified coffee roasters – Link. From... Read more »

LEGO duck factory…

Here’s an automated LEGO factory… that makes ducks… [via] – Link. Related: LEGO Crossbow – Link. Stargate: LEGO – Link. LEGO Technic Difference Engine – Link. 3D LEGO CNC router / milling machine – Link. Air conditioner make out of LEGOs – Link. LEGO PC – Link. LEGO projects @... Read more »

Play MS-DOS Games on Vista

If you try to run an old DOS game on Vista, you’ll probably get an error “This system does not support fullscreen mode.” Fortunately, this isn’t a dead end. Download a copy of DOSBox, the greatest MS-DOS emulator for any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and more), and try... Read more »

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