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Kendall writes –

If I understand correctly, the company has patent-pending some technology that lets anybody design & selling anything through 3D printing into a seamless package that allows anybody with an idea to find a designer (crowdsourcing), design their own products, promote it to the world and let customers buy it without a factory or supply chain. They supposedly will also allow tweaking of a product through the website so you get to see it in real time. If your into product development or have a new product to bring to market, I can see how this might be advantageous since you can print on demand, there is no need for a supply chain, inventory or tooling. I found out about the company at a recent social event in Austin and being in the product development market myself, there might be some benefit to such a system.

Digital Reality, Inc. – Link.

I clicked around and the idea seems like a post for our “News from the Future” section but it doesn’t appear that they’re operational yet.