Lecturefox: free university lectures

I think MIT coined the term Open Courseware, but there are several other universities that are releasing lecture videos for free online. Now, tracking down a particular subject matter is made quite a bit easier because of a project titled Lecturefox. From the about page: What is Lecturefox? It’s all... Read more »

LED cube from Christmas tree lights

Christmas time is a great time to obtain large numbers of LEDs very cheaply. This instructable uses 80 LEDs from an LED christmas tree light string to make the venerable 3D LED cube. In this case a 5x4x4 cube. 3D LED Charlieplex Cube from Chrismas Tree Lights – Link Related:... Read more »

Soviet TV PC mod

Bidding is over, but check out this PC mod – it’s a TV receiver REKORD (Alexander Radio Factory 1961 – “a victory for soviet union – 12 channels, 16 lamps unseen image quality for the working class folks”) – Link. Read more »

Colored pencil fence makes it easier to catch burglars

If you are worried about crooks scaling the walls to your house, the colored pencil fence will mark your assailant’s clothes before they even get to your door. This should make it much easier to identify them in a police lineup, that is if they don’t change their clothes. Colored... Read more »

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