Kindle Hacks

Igor Skochinsky has been doing some great reverse engineering on the Kindle ebook reader from Amazon. If you’re not familiar with the device, the Kindle is a paperback-sized Linux-based ebook reader. It has a unique virtual ink display that lends itself to reading text, and it’s bundled with a free... Read more »

Stop robot callers with a tone

Aparently there’s a U.S. Special Information Tone signal for a dead phone line, and robot callers (telemarketers, debt collectors, etc.) listen for it, then remove the “dead lines” from their lists. Record it at the beginning of your answering machine messages to make (some) robots stop calling you! [via] Link.... Read more »

Free electronics stock photos

Michail writes – I am happy to announce the release of our set of Free Electronics Stock photos. This is a collection of 286 usual electronics items that you may already being familiar with, but haven’t the time to take photos of them. You can use them on your blog,... Read more »

Plush PC

I wonder what kind of software this plush PC has to offer? Heh heh heh. This cool computer softie was created by Sappy Moose Tree‘s Mandy Jouan and posted in the CRAFT Flickr pool. Link. Read more »

Steam-Wars LEGO contest

One of the more interesting variations on the steampunk theme has been Steam Wars, a vision of the Star Wars universe through a Victorian lens. In this vein, there’s now a Steam-Wars LEGO contest, announced on the LEGO Star Wars forum FBTBForums. The contest runs through January and the first... Read more »

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