Using Google App Engine as a personal CDN

Distributing a website over a content delivery network is typically an expensive proposition, but since the release of the Google App Engine beta program, there’s an option for small to medium sized sites to easily distribute content on Google’s infrastructure. Putting the application SDK aside, Matt Riggott wrote a decent... Read more »

Sparkfun’s autonomous vehicle race

Sparkfun is planning a big ol’ robot race around their building in Boulder, CO – April 15th, 2009 10AM – Rain, shine, or snow Create a vehicle that can autonomously navigate around the SparkFun building $300 cash first prize Sounds like fun, though I’m kind of disappointed the prize wasn’t... Read more »

Making a case for Meggy Jr

Got a Meggy Jr RGB? Wrap that rascal in this comfy Meggy Cozy. Right this way and Lenore will show you how it’s done… Meggy Cozy More: Meggy Jr RGB Programming Guide and libraries Introducing Meggy Jr RGB Read more »

HOW TO – To-Go Cup Tissue Dispenser

On Curbly: There’s a company out there called WeGo, that sells facial tissues in a take-away coffee cup. In the interest of DIY-ism, I bought one of these cups of 50 sand-paper-rough tissues for 3 bucks so I could pop off the top, rip the guts out and figure out... Read more »

Motorized Yarn Winder

Craft reader Adrienne tipped us off to this cool motorized yarn winder on Robot Party – if you don’t have a small child around to turn the crank on the ball winder, you might want to automate it. Read more »

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