Evolution of the drink

Over the holidays Jim Harriman decided to investigate the family tree of alcoholic drinks. To do this, he screen-scraped all the mixed drink recipes he could find online and crunched the recipe data with a program that generates phylogenetic trees, drawing relationships between drink species with matching ingredient genes. Note... Read more »

Made in Japan – 1/9/09

This week: Ardunio-based Anime Sound Glove, World’s Smallest Flapping Wing Flyer?, Rubber Band Gatling Gun, IAMAS Gangu Project, A Picture That Changes Depending on the Source of Light, VR Panorama Shots of Make Tokyo Meeting 02, Arduino PS2 Command Sequencer, Arduino Wrist Watch, Carving a QR Code Into Stone, Art... Read more »

Evaporation fridge

This solar refrigerator, invented by Emily Cummins, is a brilliantly simple solution for keeping food cool in a hot, dry environment. It’s basically a metal cylinder surrounded by wet material, surrounded by a mesh sleeve to hold it all together. Between the outer cylinder and the inner cylinder is an... Read more »

alt.CES Songsmith

Microsoft Research Songsmith… Sing in to it, and it makes music… Songsmith generates musical accompaniment to match a singer’s voice. Just choose a musical style, sing into your PC’s microphone, and Songsmith will create backing music for you. Then share your songs with your friends and family, post your songs... Read more »

Credit Crunch Sampler

Spotted in the CRAFT Flickr pool: The “Credit Crunch Sampler” by Bugsandfishes. I like the way she thinks: As a crafter, I’ve been really interested in how an almost wartime-like “make do and mend” attitude has been cropping up in connection with the credit crunch. Now the mass-consumption bubble has... Read more »

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