This is such a cool idea! It’s a custom bracelet of a soundwave rendered in 3D. The bracelet is “designed” by the waveform of the message it encodes.

The bracelets were originally part of the Sound Advice Project, a teen anti-drug abuse initiative, geared at getting parents to talk to their kids. The idea is that, as a parent, you record some message to your child (“Drugs are bad, m’kay?”) and he or she carries that message with them at all times. Not sure that giving a 3D model of a soundwave is really the most direct way of talking to your kids about drugs, but it sure gets points for creativity and conceptual chutzpah.


After this project was completed, the original designer, David Bizer, began offering the bracelets on his website. He also has put up an Instructable on how to make this kind of waveform jewelry yourself.