DIY Convertible Table

Space is at a huge premium in my tiny apartment, which is why I absolutely adore Noëlle’s hacked dual-purpose table. Using an adjustable trestle for legs (available at hardware or home stores), it can easily convert from a coffee table to a dining table. She even used a pair of... Read more »

Glass Lens Doorknob

Sean @ Make: Online writes: Probably not all doors should offer previews, all the time, but this is undeniably wonderful. As it is, the knob offers bi-directional viewing; I wonder if you could half-silver one side and make it one-way? Glass lens doorknob Read more »

G4 axe-intosh

This interesting project in process was found in the MAKE Flickr group. It’s a 12″ Macintosh G4 laptop, presumably without the screen, embedded in a guitar body. The creator, Flickr user feurig, has lots of interesting projects in his photostream, check it! Read more »

How-To: Perfect Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

Katie of GoodLifeEats has a great kitchen tip on how to make perfect easy peel hard boiled eggs. Katie writes: I used to hate cooking hard boiled eggs, even thought I enjoy eating them – by themselves for a snack or chopped up on top of a salad. Why did... Read more »

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