Walking, rolling, floating, and swimming among the packed crowd at the Google I/O afterparty were numerous robots autonomous and otherwise under the influence. If you were to drop by the Maker Faire booth you would have gotten the chance to try your luck at navigating the slalom course with Brian Jepson’s 3D printed Slalombot using an Android smartphone’s accelerometer.

These robots are based on Kimmo and Tero Karvinen’s Soccer (Football) robots from the recently published Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets. They are built around the Arduino Pro Mini and the Bluetooth Mate module, and are controlled by an Android phone’s accelerometer. For Google I/O, I simplified things by omitting the soccer playing part. Instead, I printed out some of Jag’s traffic cones and let people try driving around without hitting them.

I’ve been making some tweaks to the code we originally printed in the book, and I also used a 3d printed chassis for these. Because this predates the Android Open Accessory Development kit, the bot just uses plain old Bluetooth rfcomm for communications. You can find the source to all three of these parts on GitHub:

Android remote control app
Arduino sketch for the bot
Bot Chassis OpenSCAD files