ShapeLock is an amazingly useful polycaprolactone plastic that starts to melt and become moldable at around 160ºF. When it cools to room temperature, it becomes rigid and tough with qualities similar to nylon. By heating it in water with a microwave or using a heat gun, you can easily hand form it into almost anything.

Check out these projects to get some ideas for what you can do with this impressive material:

SwashBot3 by Crabfu

Android 10 by James of

[youtube]Robotic Arm by Alexey (Google Translation)

Prototype Pick and Place Head by John

Hand rest for an ergonomic mouse from Tiny Little Life

Eyeglasses repair by Macetech

Halloween Mask by Andrew

As you can see, this stuff is awesome! If you want to pick up some of this amazing material, it’s available in 250 gram and 500 gram bags in the Maker Shed!