I’m beginning to suspect an October conspiracy: While last week’s MAKE Flickr pool submissions, on average, had a distinctly orange hue, this week they are clearly tending to black. And I’ll give dollars to donuts that next week, sure as clockwork, we’ll start to see actual jack-o-lanterns. Our featured image this week is cosplayer Jia*Jem as “Jack,” from Mass Effect 2, sporting Shawn Thorsson’s “Predator Heavy Pistol” replica prop.

Mass Effect Alternate Jack 6 from thorssoli.

3D Printed Polargraph - Latest settings

Polargraph – Latest settings from jabella.

Eyes Blinking

Eyes Blinking from b_light.

Dual Button Goodness

Dual Button Goodness from Pete Prodoehl.

Milwaukee Makerspace Stamp

Milwaukee Makerspace Stamp from Pete Prodoehl.

Chemistry Class at Its Finest...

Chemistry Class at Its Finest… from Adam ZZ.


HSS3i from Dr. Bleep.