Picking locks not only requires the right skills, it also requires the right tools. Fortunately, the folks at TOOOL (The Open Organization of Lockpickers) have come up a great way to ensure that you never leave your picks at home with theĀ Emergency Lock-Pick Card (available in the Maker Shed.) This laser cut steel card conforms to ISO sizing standards for ATM and credit cards so it fits perfectly in your wallet. When the need arises, you simply snap out the tools to create a fully functioning lock pick set! After you save the day, simply put the tension wrenches in your wallet and the lock picks on your key chain so you are ready for the next emergency. Don’t let the small size full you, the pick ends are standard size allowing you to pick nearly any pin-tumbler lock.


  • 1 Short Hook
  • 1 Gonzo Hook
  • 1 Half Snowman
  • 1 Half Diamond Pick
  • 1 Snake Rake
  • 1 Long Rimple
  • 5 Various Assorted Tension Tools