To mark the recent passing of Hans Camenzind, we are running a 555 mini-retrospective this week. Today I’ve rounded up some of my personal favorite 555 content from our archives, arranged in arbitrary top 10 order. Many of these are “fun” or “meta” 555 type posts. We’ll be following on later in the week with more circuit-specific 555 coverage. Stay tuned! In the meantime, please feel free to chime in with suggestions or comments about your own experiences with the 555.


555 timer cake


555 timer origami


Maker’s Notebook 555 Cover


EMSL’s 555 Footstool


Collin’s Lab: Atari Punk Console


How-To: Make a remote timer for a Canon SLR


555 Photovore Pulls Cable Through Air Duct


Simple DIY 555 Synth


Mint-tin Intervalometer


Elegant 555 Radio