Alasdair Allan (author of iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino) and David House spent the weekend getting their iPhones to talk to their BeagleBones and Raspberry Pis over PeerTalk. Alasdair writes:

Following up on the work I was doing last night connecting the iPhone to the BeagleBone using PeerTalk. I’ve now reached the blinking LED stage, which is more-or-less the “Hello World” stage of any bit of hardware hack.

I’ve been having a great back-and-forth on Twitter with David House while hacking away with this project, who is working away as I type to get this working on the Raspberry Pi [David has since managed to get everything up and working on the Raspberry Pi]. It’s been a lot of fun.

Read more at Blinking the BeagleBone’s heartbeat LED from the iPhone. (Alasdair’s also extended a discount code for the upcoming sensor workshop he’s giving in London; 10% off the early bird price with code MAKE10).