The slicing has stopped, the extruders have cooled, and the PLA is spooled and ready for its next printing assignment. MAKE’s unprecedented 3D Print Shop Weekend is over. The testing, the Google Hangout, and the open house were all great successes. This was an amazing opportunity to get most of the currently available consumer-grade printers in one room, subject them all to the same “out of box experience,” test the same prints on all machines, and trade comments between our 3D printer enthusiasts/machine test team. We’re excited by what we learned and with the results of our testing. We can’t wait to share everything with you in our Fall special issue: MAKE’s Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing (coming in mid-November).

Many thanks to our test team which was comprised of Matt Griffin, Keith Ozar, John Abella, Ethan Hartman, Emmanuel Mota, Blake Maloof, Lyra Levin, Cliff Biffle, Eric Weinhoffer, Brian Melani, and Eric Chu. And thanks to all of the MAKE staff members who spent their weekend helping us to keep the plastic flowing.

[make_slideshow slug=”3d-print-shop-weekend-day-2″ title=”MAKE’s 3D Print Shop Weekend, Day 2″ link=”Watch our Day 2 Slideshow”]