Audio equipment company Mackie is best known for their PA speakers and mixers. A little background from Wikipedia:

Mackie Designs, Inc. was founded in Woodinville, Washington by Greg Mackie, an ex-Boeing worker who began making pro audio gear and guitar amps in his spare time. After founding the small line mixer manufacturer TAPCO, and later the home audio processor manufacturer AudioControl, Mackie founded Mackie Designs, Inc., designing and manufacturing affordable and versatile compact pro audio mixers.

To fans of their gear, they are also known for their excellent manuals, with clean and clear writing, lots of technical detail, beautifully rendered illustrations/diagrams, and a great sense of humor. Mackie virtualizes all of their manuals through their 720 Trees Project, an online PDF library of all of their product docs. It’s called 720 Trees because that’s how many estimated trees they save each year by making their manuals virtual. In partnership with the Nature Conservancy they also plant 720 trees each year.

For creating manuals that don’t suck, with lots of juicy technical info, and for the corporate tree hugging, we’re pleased to nominate Mackie for a Makey Award in the Best Documentation Category.