This creepy carnival ticket station started out as a pile of reclaimed pallet wood! Click through to see the rest of reader Keith Corcoran’s fantastic build guide.

The biggest maker holiday of the year is just twenty days away! Whether you’re hosting a haunt this year, or just decorating your yard to celebrate, it’s time to break out the box of decorations and start spookifying.

If you’re new to the haunt “scene” and looking to get oriented fast, check out Bill Gurstelle’s great introductory article, Home Haunting Basics, for a review of the lingo, skills, techniques, and safety considerations you’ll want to review before you start.

And if you’re in the market for ideas, we’ve rounded up some of our best Halloween projects from previous years and served them up as a slideshow, linked below, to inspire your own haunting hijinks. Be on the lookout for more highlight reels—covering costumes, props, edibles, hack-o’lanterns, and more—as the big night creeps up. Stay tuned!

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