Best of 2012: Arduino Projects

Pete Prodoehl’s Arc-O-Matic art bot draws spir-o-graph style art with the help of a servo-controlled arm.

Too many sharks in your pool? You need a Arduino-Congtrolled Shark Detection System.

Ellen Sundh’s Slouch Detecting Belt uses a flex sensor to tell when you’re slouching, then sounds the alarm.

This SMS Text Scroller Powered by Android and Arduino displays texts on a display for easy viewing.

98th-level ninja John Edgar Park showed off his Arduino GRANDE at Maker Faire. Woot!

Not sure who’s drink you’re about to grab? Not if the Espresso Machine Prints Your Phone Number on the Foam.

Amanda Ghassaei’s Arduino-controlled Vocal Effects Box lets you use your friendly local Arduino to shift and manipulate your voice.

Smart shop tools like this Arduino-Controlled Lathe? I vote yes.

The Inebriator Cocktail Machine mixes up cocktails on command, and it does it in style.

You’ve heard of a ship in a bottle? The Fijibot, an Autonomous Solar-Charging Robot is a robot in a bottle!


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