One time I decided I wanted to learn Linux. I’d used desktop Linux GUIs before but they didn’t feel any different than Windows to me.  So, I grabbed an old laptop, loaded up the most stripped down version of Ubuntu server I could find, and installed everything to make a full featured desktop GUI from the command line. After that, I felt like I knew my way around Linux computers.

The Mintduino Game Pack lets you learn about Arduino from the ground up in much the same way. You start out with a bare breadboard, add the voltage regulator, ATmega 328 chip, and build a fully functional Arduino compatible microcontroller piece by piece. The included Mintduino book by James Floyd Kelly walks you through every step explaining what each component does along the way. After you’ve completed the Mintduino, you can use the parts included in the Mintronics: Survival Pack to build an interactive two player game. The Mintduino Game Pack is a great way to get started with basic electronics, breadboarding, programming, and Arduino.

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