The amazing Tim Hunkin has done it again. In collaboration with Andy Plant, Tim has created the Astronaut’s Caravan. It’s a trailer that turns 360 degrees. Tim had the humorous idea of creating a place where former astronauts might go on holiday to recreate a bit of the experience of being in space. Andy realized that they could make it work inside a trailer, also called a caravan.

When Tim came up to me and asked me to check out his caravan, I had no idea what he was asking me to do. When I saw the spinning caravan, I must say as someone who easily experiences motion-sickness that I wasn’t looking forward to climbing inside. I literally didn’t understand what I was getting into.

Here’s a video and some pictures of the caravan:

[wpvideo iY9obBEa]

You sit on a bench inside the caravan. The walls of the caravan spin around but you can’t help but feel that it is you that is spinning round. A great illusion!