colin johnson atat

One of the coolest things I saw at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire last weekend was The Emperor’s Cabinet, a gorgeous, meticulously crafted, steampunk-inspired Star Wars AT-AT handmade by Vancouver artist and “woodbutcher” Colin Johnson. When I first saw it on setup day, the front doors were closed. I coveted it from the instant I saw it, but then Colin opened the doors and I saw that it was a liquor cabinet, which made it even cooler.

colin johnson atat2

colin johnson atat3

colin johnson atat4

colin johnson atat5

colin johnson atat6

Pictured above is Colin at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. Anyone in the market for a one-of-a-kind piece like this should contact Colin, as he’s looking to sell it to make room for more projects. The Emperor’s Cabinet is made of high density plywood, mahogany veneer, solid brass trim, and glass.

Colin’s aesthetic is really unique. Here are a few more of the projects he showcases on his site:

colin johnson DragonWheels1

Wooden bling, carved out of a single peice of walnut:

colin johnson walnut chanel

Octobot2 with a detail shot following:

colin johnson octobot2

colin johnson octobot2 detail

The Convincer is about 6′ long and made from one solid piece of wood:

colin johnson the convincer

colin johnson twisted sisters