A few years ago we solicited input from our staff and the MAKE community for little nuggets of fatherly advice. It’s a great list. Here’s a PDF of it so you can print it out and hang it above your tool bench or put it in your maker’s notebook. But the thing about dads is they’ve alway good more pearls of wisdom. So I’d like to start a new list of great maker tips from dads. Send me your tips and I’ll share them in a future post.childhammer1

I’ll get things stared with a oldie, but a goodie from my dad: “You only get one pair of eyes so always wear eye protection.”

And meanwhile, as I mentioned in our father’s gift guide, we want to hear from you about weekend projects you did with your dad this Father’s Day weekend or if you’re a dad, projects you did with your family. Please document your activities, take some pictures, and send us your story. We’ll follow up with a blog post featuring some the best projects. Send us a note at with “Father’s Day on MAKE” in the subject line.¬†Tweet us¬†with #DadMakes or post your project on on Google+.

Happy Father’s Day.