MAKE Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

Our featured image from the  MAKE Flickr pool this week is Pete Prodoehl’s lovely shot of his MakerGear Prusa Mendel printer frame.  It looks like a piece of pricey Danish furniture!  It was a hard choice, for me, between that and Rob Hopeless’s photograph of the transparent Venus de Milo bust he recently printed on his homemade stereolithography system.

And now, a pro tip for getting your images featured in this space: Good photography is always important to us, when choosing stuff to write about, but in these weekly Flickr pool roundups, it’s the whole ball game!  There are usually tons of great builds, clever ideas, and fascinating projects submitted to the pool, each week, and I try to feature as many of these as I can during my regular weekday posts.  But when I’m choosing images for these Sunday roundups, style wins out over substance.  A few of our regular contributors have figured this out, already, but now it’s time to let the cat out of the bag: Here, it’s all about presentation.  So keep the eye candy coming, folks!  Let’s see what you’ve got!


MakerGear Prusa Mendel RepRap (In Progress) from Pete Prodoehl.


Venus from robhopeless.


[Untitled] from arms22.

Joule Thief breadboard

Joule Thief breadboard from hudson.

Woodbug, standing tall

Woodbug, standing tall from fasaxc.

Dual Axis Angular Sensor with Video

Dual Axis Angular Sensor with Video from Mr. Bell.


Controller from Brigade Neurale.