LED-Guided Piano Instruction

I installed LED light on each piano key and turned on and off each of them to show which piano key to press for any given songs o that any novice should be able to play piano. I don't play piano at all, but in this video you'll see me... Read more »

Making a Robot Arm

During the annual teaching of my mechanical technology course at high school in Italy, many students were impressed by the robotics work of Falco de Vries. So we decided to create a robotic arm that could be done very simply in our laboratory. Read more »

Homemade Doctor Who TARDIS

Using just plain cardboard, glue, duct tape, Velcro, inexpensive wood beams and spray paint, a homemade and collapsible Dr. Who TARDIS is born just in time for the next season of Dr. Who. Read more »

3D Printed arc Reactor and Assembly

I've completed a new more accurate version of my Dollar Store Arc Reactor which I designed in Autodesk 123D. I printed it on my Lulzbot AO-101. I've made a tutorial video for the design part showing roughly how I created the parts, and a video of printing and assembly. Read more »

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