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The latest project from the Milwaukee Makerspace is a USB device to help you answer all those pesky emails when words fail you.  Kevin Bastyr explains:

My friend Rob is a smart engineer and throughout the course of a work week he receives dozens of requests for his assistance on various projects.  He’s such a positive and helpful person that he finds it difficult to say “no” to any of these requests.  I’ve helped him out by making a USB device that can provide a clear and simple email response to some of these requests.  SAGA, or Semi-Automatic Gmail Assistant, is approximately the size of a mouse, and plugs into a computer just like any mouse or keyboard would.  Here is the first prototype:

SAGA comes complete with a key lockout feature that prevents accidental activation. Once a worthy email request has been received, Rob can calmly make the call whether or not to arm SAGA by inserting the key, and rotating it clockwise 90 degrees. After rotating the key, an octagon of LEDs lights up around the chrome button, enticing Rob to press it. The extra illumination from the LEDs also further highlights the artfully coiled wiring that fills the prototype SAGA. When the button is pressed, SAGA sends the keyboard shortcut to respond to the email and types out “Go F*** Yourself.” at a respectable and slightly humorous 200 wpm. After waiting a half second for dramatic effect, SAGA automatically sends the email. Note that there is a 1 percent chance that SAGA will instead respond “That’s a great idea. I’ll get right on it!”


Posted by: Kevin Bastyr | Tuesday November 20th, 2012 12:49 PM

Bio: I'm a founder and current board member of the Milwaukee Makerspace. I have a Masters degree and Ph.D. in Acoustics, and am an avid TIG welder, unconventional wood worker, extreme music enthusiast, capable circuit board designer, etcher and populator, and have recently embraced the micro-controller revolution!

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  1. can u do a step by step project on thermoacoustic cooling?

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