Alt.GDC: Developing Skylanders’ Innovative “Portal of Power”

Finishing up his GDC coverage, Blake Maloof sits down with some of the developers of the Skylanders’ “Portal of Power,” which started out life with sink and toilet plumbing parts!

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Alt.GDC: Playing Tug of War… with Your Mind!

As brainwave-reading technology becomes more affordable, mind-controlled video games may one day be the next big thing, the motion-control of tomorrow. MAKE readers have already been introduced to the Neurosky headset in previous projects (see below). Now, with the release of iOS and Android support, you can capture your brainwaves on the go (not that […]

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Alt.GDC: Jousting with Move Controllers

In the back corner of Expo Hall, you might notice a group of wand-wielding gamers pacing around each other, eager to strike. They’re playing Johann Sebastian Joust, a screen-less game which uses PlayStation Move controllers.

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