Couch bikes bring comfort to a new level



I was unaware of the lovely couch bike phenomenon until my old landlord, Billy Gawrych, sent around this first image of two enterprising fellows taking this couch bike for a spin through the drive through. After an obsessive internet research session, I had amassed a compendium of couch bikes, for you to see in one place! Read on for the complete collection.


A relaxing stroll about the town for two, anyone? This loveseat bike is from the UK.


I spotted this blog post from 2004 about a magazine photoshoot involving this blue couch bike.


For when you need to cross bodies of water on your couch bike, try the The SS Mitzie.


Ok so this one is actually a couch being transported by bike, but impressive nevertheless!


These Scottish couch bikers know how to ride in style, complete with a lamp.