Crabfu’s rodent-powered Jansen walker

A couple of weeks ago, we posted about our pal I-Wei (Crabfu) being featured in the latest Gakken magazine/kit dedicated to kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest walker. I-Wei built the mini walker kit and was pretty pleased with it. But his maker heart remained restless. He could make it better, faster, stronger… rodent-powered?

And so, after some modifications involving a hamster ball, mounting brackets, and a Meccano sprocket and chain, the tightly-wound hamster, Princess, was borrowed from a friend and press-ganged into service. The result is the ominous Jansen Hamster Walker. Go Princess, go!

Next step: weaponizing the platform. I kid, I KID. Princess the rodent-walker hybrid is a lover, not a fighter. For now.

Hamster Powered Walker