Make: Skill Set: Woodworking

This month, for the Make: Skill Set theme, we’re going to be covering woodworking. We’re excited. While many of us are more than comfortable dramatically brandishing a soldering iron, we’re far less confident in firing up a skill saw. We’ve invited a number of woodworking pros and hobbyists to come over and help us out. We’re planning original how-tos on woodworking basics, required tools for the shop, and some tips and tricks from the pros (and from our readers). We’ll also be rounding up projects from the blog and Make: Projects and posting some woodworking projects from the magazine. And we’ll have a video from our pal Deek (Tiny Tellow House) on building a chair from shipping pallets. It should be fun month!

Last month, we covered electronic skills. We looked at soldering, key components, how to read circuit diagrams, basic math in electronics, how to use a multimeter, how to apply Ohm’s Law, and more. We even built a crowd-sourced Q&A of nagging electronics questions. We hope you followed along and learned something.

As always, we’d love to hear what you’d like to see us cover about basic woodworking. Please tell us in the comments below.