New in the Maker Shed: CyberOptix Tie Lab Ties

I don’t know about you but I have a pile of lame ties in my closet that I’ve received as gifts over the years. These new CyberOptix Ties, available in the MakerShed, are anything but lame. They are hand made “the hard way” in Detroit by actual people (not machines) by a maker company. Each tie has a little story behind it. The Weapons of Mass Construction Tie (above, left) is made from scans of actual tools and vintage illustrations. The Short Circuit Tie (above, right) is made using authentic, vintage circuit board screens from 80’s era CRT displays/control monitors.

The Apollo Tie, (above, left) my personal favorite, is made from actual, historical documents from the Apollo spacecraft! Finally, the Resistor Tie is made from repurposed, vintage circuit board screens originally used in appliances, particularly ovens and cook-tops. Very cool!

The above video is from the Meet the Makers series and shows what it’s like in Bethany’s workshop. Watch it to see how they’re made and to get a feel for the great people behind CyberOptix Tie Lab.