Nexus One/Arduino SmallSat satellite test launch video


photo: jurvetson

Matthew Reyes sent word that the RocketMavericks launch event on Saturday in Nevada’s Black Rock desert was a resounding success. Traveling 28K feet aboard James Dougherty’s Intimidator-5 rocket was a payload consisting of a Nexus One/Arduino SmallSat. Matthew and his cohorts Chris Boshuizen & Will Marshall are championing the use of smartphone components to lower the cost of deploying a satellite and expect it to become even more affordable with every revision.

Civilian space exploration is starting to take off. In fact, MAKE: v24 will be our “DIY Space” issue, so if you’re working on an interesting project you think we should see, feel free to post a link in the comments.

Here’s a video with Matthew explaining the evolution of the SmallSat shot earlier this year at Maker Faire 2010: