Printable Tentacle Parts

The printable ball-and-socket unit that makes up this tentacle is really just a prototype in the early development of Thingiverse user Misguided’s not-so-misguided (IMHO) project to develop a printable tentacle arm. Everything about his description makes me happy, so I’ll just quote it entirely:

I’m trying to make a mind controlled tentacle and this is where I’m at so far.

Right now, the ball and socket joints are a little too loose, and the movement isn’t very good (partly due to the weight of the parts).

Also the sockets are a little stiff and fragile when printed with PLA.

Once all that is sorted, I’ll hook it up to some servos and the obligatory Arduino.

Video of it “working”:

Keep at it, man! The world needs mind controlled tentacles! See below for previous tentacle projects we’ve featured here.