Self-Destructing Art Show at Flux Factory

1888080809_54430ce62b_z.jpgEVERYTHING MOVES by Jean Tinguely, photo by Akbar Simonse

Opening today, and surviving for no one knows how long, is the Self-Destructing Art Show, at Flux Factory in Queens, NYC. In 1960, Jean Tinguely, a Dadaist and “metamechanic” artist (and maker in his own right) debuted and destroyed his Homage to New York in the sculpture garden at the MoMA. This exhibition is a homage to that homage, and the curators say “some pieces will go with a highly performative bang during the opening, and others will slowly dwindle and decay throughout the show. Nothing will survive!”

Participating artists (including some makers from the World Maker Faire): Ranjit Bhatnagar, Conrad Carlson & Ryan C. Doyle, Brendan Coyle, Daupo, Ben Dierckx, Kerry Downey & Claudia Peña Salinas, Nicholas Fraser, Ghostfuk3r (aka David Carson), Ryan O’Connor & Hackett, Douglas Paulson, Johanna Povirk-Znoy, John Roach, Dana Sherwood and Angela Washko.

Also check out this rare footage of Tinguely’s make-and-destroy machine, circa 1960!