Auto Art Show & Smash-up Derby


Bethany Shorb, a Detroit maker of hand-silkscreened neckties at Cyberoptix, is showing new auto-inspired creations in a show at the Public Pool Artspace in Hamtramck, MI. This show opens Saturday as a kind of counterpoint to the North American Auto Show, which runs from January 15-23 in Detroit. On opening night, Apetechnology will present a smash-up derby involving 1/3-scale, robotic, fiber-glass cars in the streets of Hamtramck. (We’d love to see video!)

We love our cars. We hate our cars. We’re stuck with our cars.

So, just in time for the public opening of the largest auto show in the world, Public Pool brings you “Automobiles: Shaping Our Landscape, Designing Our Lives.”

For it, we’ve asked nine artists to think about cars and create some art. The results are all over the road, from Ian Swanson’s study of the effects of window tinting to Carrie Dickason’s 12-foot sculptural interior of a 1997 Subaru legacy to Kate Daughdrill’s performance piece on what can happen in the intimate spaces of cars (using one that’s parked outside the gallery), and more.

Bethany’s contribution to the show is the “Supplemental Restraint System: Triumph/Ford Disaster. (A tale of a chance meeting between a ’73 Triumph TR6 and a ’64 Ford Fairlane.)”


“Triumph/Ford Disaster is born from classic American and vintage European sports car parts harvested only from wrecked vehicles, tightly wrapped in an outer skin made exclusively of previously deployed airbags, then lovingly beaded and sutured back together forming another protective barrier in an imagined crash narrative.”


Here’s more info on the event.
Facebook event page

Public Pool Artspace, Hamtramck, MI