Marcus Nowotny (Hamburg, Germany) created an awesome skateboard POV using a MiniPOV attached to the underside of his board:

The schematic is drastically reduced to the original version, the LEDs have been reduced to white 0603 LEDs and laid out in a very small PCB, small enough to not touch the ground or come anywhere near where it is physically endangered (at least on my longboard). And yes, the silkscreen is one of my major fails. I do not know how often I checked the PCB but never spotted the real big mistake – no matter.

On the back there is a small NCP1402 step up converter to power it from two AAA batteries, with some too big capacitors. The ATTiny2313 is used in the very small and convenient MLF Package (a lot of pins on a very small space).

[Thanks, Ariel!]